Replacing of heel tips

Heel tips are subject to wear and tear and should be replaced in time. Not only the shoes, but also the body and the dance floor suffer from worn out tips. This short instructions, how it works and what is important, should help you.

For nearly every kind of ladies dance shoes is a suitable heel tip available. Almost all heel tips have an aglet inside, which facilitates fast removal. Pull the heel tip out slowly with a pair of pliers. Fix the matching heel tip into the hole provided. For a save hold we recommend to dip the metal pin into a glue.

Please do not turn the heel tips during pulling. The tips do not have a screw thread, but grooves. In this case the metal pin could break.

Please note
Sometimes however it happens, that the angle breaks and get stuck inside the heel. Please give your dance shoes in this case with matching heel tips to a shoemaker.


We woul like to point out friendly, that in case of damages, caused by worn out heel tips, we exclude any warranty.


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